Peter Csaba Ölveczky

Peter Csaba Ölveczky

Professor, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway.

Research Interests

Rewriting logic.
Formal specification and analysis of all kinds of real-time systems.
Development of the Real-Time Maude language and tool supporting the formal specification and analysis of real-time systems.

Introductory Book on Rewriting Logic for Distributed Systems

I have written an introductory textbook, Designing Reliable Distributed Systems, on the use of rewriting logic and Maude for specifying and analyzing distributed systems, including: The book also covers the basics of equational logic and term rewrite systems, including termination and confluence, equational logic and inductive theorems, and basics on their algebraic models.
Since this is an introductory textbook it assumes no previous knowledge of either formal methods or distributed systems.
Page with known errors and Maude code of the examples in the book.


Jeg veileder gjerne både korte og lange masteroppgaver, gjerne innen modellering av ting og tang i Maude. Enten velger man selv felt/problemstilling man er interessert i, eller så kan jeg foreslå oppgaver, for eksempel innen formalisering av modelleringsstandarder for utvikling av flysystemer, modellering av avanserte skeduleringsprotokoller for multicore systemer utviklet ved UIUC, cloud computing systemer, etc. Ta kontakt hvis du er interessert.

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In Singapore and the Grand Sumo tournament in Fukuoka (sitting next to Musashimaru!), one from late 2018 in Ouvéa (Kanaky/New Caledonia), one from Singapore 2019, and finally one from Georgia 2022.

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