Book on "Designing Reliable Distributed Systems"

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This page contains additional information, code of the examples in the book, etc., concerning my textbook Designing Reliable Distributed Systems: A Formal Methods Approach Based on Executable Modeling in Maude.

Note: This page is being reconstructed, also because my university closed all personal web sites.

I have heard that this book, apart from being the textbook in my second-year introductory course on formal methods at the University of Oslo, also is used in courses in USA, Germany, Korea, and Kazakhstan. Please let me know if you are using the book in your course, or if you know where it is used.


Known errors are found here. Please do report any errors, minor or major, to me.

Files with Maude Code

It is probably time to clean up and organize the files, but here is a directory which should contain all the examples in the book, and some more. I am starting the clean-up now. All examples in the book (obviously) ran as stated, on Maude 2.7 and (for the object-oriented modules) Full Maude 2.6 (if I remember correctly, or Full Maude 2.7). They should run om Maude 3.1 as well, and hopefully on Full Maude 3.1.

Other Things Needed?

Please let me know if there are any other resources that should be available from this page!
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